Friday, July 30, 2010


"WOW!" we cried. "Really, Dad?? Today??"
"Yup!" be beamed proudly. "Right this minute! And we're not talking ordinary ho-hum toast, believe you me... we're talking dad's special cinnamon toast!! And I don't want your mom to lift a finger, I'm handling the whole thing!"

from "The Day Dad Made Toast" by Sarah Durkee

The humblest of snacks and breakfasts, toast is often overlooked. Not by me. I think that I eat at least one piece a day. Mostly they are topped with classic butter and jam (apricot and raspberry are my favorites) or sometimes lemon curd if we have it (because I love anything lemon). Often they are butter and cinnamon sugar a la "The Day Dad Made Toast". Occasionally, I'll sprinkle za'atar on for a savory note. When I'm in the mood for something really special though, I have two personal favorite extra-special toast concoctions.

Bea's Tutorial for Super Easy Chocolate Toast!

You start with a piece of bread that you toast and then butter. Sprinkle the toast liberally with chocolate chips. I try to spread them out evenly and press them down a bit into the bread so that they don't roll around in transit.

As soon as you've dropped on the chocolate chips on the bread, pop it back into the toaster. It's not necessary to turn it back on; it should be hot still. Wait just long enough so that the chocolate chips look like this picture. They should be shiny and soft, but not actually melted.

Now spread the chocolate chips with a knife. They should cover the toast with smooth, chocolatey goodness. And look what you just made! Crispy on bottom and sweet on top mmm!

A scrumptious variation: replace the butter with a thick spread of peanut butter for Reese's Peanut Butter Toast!

For people who don't think chocolate is appropriate for breakfast, try my peach toast. Eating fruit for breakfast is healthy! This is a perfect use for very ripe, very juicy summer peaches.

Toast your bread. While it is toasting, slice up a peach. Thinner is better, and peeled is very nice, but not necessary. Once the toast pops, butter it and lay out your peaches in a single layer. Sprinkle on some brown sugar or cinnamon sugar. Put the toast back into the toaster for a full other cycle or until the peaches look ready.

And there you are! It tastes like peach pie, but a million times easier. The bottom is crispy crispy and the top is fruity and buttery and sugary! Now that's what I call toast.

***Note: Both the chocolate toast and peach toast tutorials only work in toaster ovens, not vertical toasters. Sorry to all who don't have a toaster oven!

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