Tuesday, July 27, 2010

An Introduction

As I sit down to eat, I admire the food on my plate. The aromas wash over me; I lift my fork. My insides are a swirl of hunger and excitement and anticipation and... what's that little dark feeling in the corner? It's the same feeling that appears when I just know I've forgotten something and for the life of me I can't remember what. OH! I jump from the table and rush to my purse. I pull out a camera and unpack it as I stand over my plate and snap a few shots. The food is getting cold as I put the camera away. My dining companions aren't surprised; I've been doing this at every meal and snack all summer.

I started this project on the first day of summer, the day after school ended. I've been taking pictures of everything I eat, all day everyday, and I intend to continue until the first day of school again.

I get varied responses to this project. Most are merely amused. Some tend more towards incredulity. After I took a picture of a delicious dessert at Adelino's, a friend of my mother's questioned me and I began to tell him about my project. I explained that I take pictures of everything I eat. Here's a snapshot of the conversation that followed, just in case anyone else has any questions. "Wait. You take pictures of everything?" "Everything." "So not just dessert." "No, I take pictures of everything." "What about dinner?" "Everything." "Breakfast?" "Everything." "Snacks?" "Everything." "What if you are eating at home?" "I take a picture of everything." "What if your food is really boring?" "Yes, I take a picture of everything."

In truth, thats not entirely true. Since I'm making my own rules, I've written in a few exceptions. First, I'm allowed to try other people's food without taking a picture of it. Second, no taking pictures while at work. I started work at a restaurant where it is part of my job to become familiarized with the food. I can't whip out a camera every time my boss says "try this". Third, I am photographing what I eat, not necessarily how much I eat. I'm not a calorie counter and I don't ever intend to be one.  This rule works in both directions: I'm allowed to photograph an apple slice and then eat three and I'm also allowed to photograph a whole pizza and just eat one slice. 

It's probably fairly obvious that by this point I have amassed quite a few pictures. I eat a lot, and I take a lot of pictures, so it's a bit ridiculous the number of pictures I have. Today, I finally decided that I had had enough with putting all of these delicious pictures away in my summer food folder and never sharing them or looking at them again. So as of today, I will be posting my favorite pictures here! I might also go back and post old pictures, because I have two months of delicious and beautiful photos just lying around my computer. I hope you enjoy my food as much as I have!

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