Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Good Neighbor Policy

My response to the ringing of the doorbell is usually more of a grumble than anything else. Especially today, when hustling to open the door was much more exertion than I had displayed all day. Still, the call of the doorbell roused me from my headache-induced hibernation at the computer, where my eyes had long since glazed over. Too many hours of monotonous government course homework will do that to you.

I opened the door, expecting the usual request for money, services, or donations. Instead, I had the most pleasant surprise. My neighbor was waiting there, not asking for money, not selling anything, not asking for a favor of any kind. She had a tray of cupcakes, chocolate ones, with blue and yellow icing that were left over. Did we want any? What could be a more perfect way to brighten a gloomy day than free homemade chocolate cupcakes right at your front doorstep?

I recently discovered that I am not the only person who makes little sandwiches out of cupcakes. My initial emotion was torn between pleasure at the newfound kinship with other cupcake-sandwich makers and disappointment that I am far less original and unique than I thought I was.

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