Friday, August 6, 2010

Like Sunshine and Happiness

Bubble tea is so perfect in every way. Like chocolate, it has the ability to improve any situation and wipe away problems into sunshine and happiness. The perfect combination of drink and toy, I like all the different flavors. If you like ice tea, get the green tea. This one here is a lychee green tea. If you want something slightly heavier, try the slushy ones. 

While I was walking home, sipping away, I noticed how cute the perfect single layer of tapioca bubbles on the bottom of my cup was. I decided that I should take a picture of it, since in my original picture taken at the store, you can't even see the bubbles very well. With this decision, I resolved not to drink the remaining inch of tea until I reached home. I got about a block before the tea's magnetic pull slowed me to a halt. I couldn't not finish the bubbles. I couldn't not take a picture. 

I dropped to my knees on the hot sidewalk. I took off my headphones and put down the tea and rooted around in my purse, emptying most of it onto the sidewalk before pulling out the camera bag. I proceeded to snap a few shots under the sweaty sun. A person or two stepped over me on their way down the street. The drivers passing slowed slightly, curious why a girl was bent in half over a mostly-empty plastic cup in the middle of the sidewalk. Luckily, I stopped before actually melting into a puddle. I replaced my sunglasses and headphones, piled my life back into my purse, and headed home with my pictures and an empty cup.  

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