Sunday, August 22, 2010

Playing With Food

I will never grow out of playing with my food. I made myself this for lunch today, simply because snacking on plain sliced turkey would have been boring. I thought the shredded deli meat looked like noodles in a very adorable way, so I entertained myself a little bit.

Due to my love of playing with food, I've always been impressed with sushi. Arranging sushi would be the best job in the world. Here's a quick shot of dinner tonight, at Maru. I was never a sushi fan before I went to Maru. Now I love it. 

In the back is an avocado, asparagus, cucumber roll, a futo maki roll, and a Japanese pickle (oshinko) roll. In the front is a playboy roll, which is my absolute favorite. Inside is tempura shrimp and avocado and on top is tuna, tempura flakes, and roe. The crunchy topping is just so much fun.  In the center is a volcano roll, which is not actually what we ordered, but we ate it anyways. The topping was some scary sort of spicy thing with shrimp, that tasted delicious in a very evil way. Inside was basically a California roll. 

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