Wednesday, September 8, 2010

And Savory, Too

I went to Boston this weekend. What did I do? Take pictures of figs! Well, fine, I did lots of other fun things, too, but that's besides the point. The point of this post is figs figs and more figs.

I'm not sure if I had ever had a real fresh fig before. Maybe once, but it must not have been very memorable. There was some giant sale on them, so Diane came home with two flats of figs, which opened up a whole new world. But after a few days of munching on figs plain and wrapped in prosciutto, I knew it was time for something big with the figs.

We were planning lunch for my grandparents and some cousins, and needed a dessert. Fig tart seemed perfect. After browsing old school cookbooks and and various scattered recipes online, the sweet fig tart underwent mitosis and emerged as two tarts: a savory goat cheese fig tart and a sweet marscapone fruit tart.

I couldn't find a recipe for a goat cheese tart that I liked, so I merged aspects of several. 

The crust was a cheat (frozen pie crust), but I did roll it out with a large quantity of whole wheat flour, which I'll pretend makes it more delicious than usual. I baked it first, just for ten minutes or so.

On top I spread a mixture of goat cheese that I had mixed with a bit of marscapone to make it smoother and some fresh rosemary. Next was a few dots of fig jam for sweetness.

After I arranged slices of figs to cover the entire top, I put it in the oven. I took it back out later to scatter some goat cheese across the top.

It was a little bit scary serving this to my family, because I had absolutely no idea how it would turn out. I warned them that it would either be insanely delicious or a complete and utter disaster. I'd like to think it was the former.


  1. Did I ever tell you the story of the miracle of the figs at Machipongo, summer of 2000? Or maybe you remember it?