Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another Pleasant Valley Sunday

I was waiting downstairs to ask my mom if she'd like to share some French toast, when she asked me if I'd like French toast for breakfast. We're just great minds, I suppose.

We only had our farmer's market Great Harvest whole wheat bread, which is great for regular toast, but not so hot for French toast. I changed into real clothes (okay fine, sweats, but that's better than pajamas) and popped off to Payless, where I picked up some orange juice and bananas as well as lighter bread.

My single-minded French toast expedition was put on hold when I stopped at a yard sale on my way home. There wasn't much of interest, but I did buy Clueless for a dollar.

Back at home, the egg mixture was already waiting, so the toast was ready in just a few minutes. What a perfect and classic Sunday breakfast.

I'm audi.

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  1. The magic snowflake plates make another appearance...