Monday, October 18, 2010

Don't Hate, DB8.

The debating season has finally begun. I went to my first tournament of the year on Saturday, but because my partner was busy, I judged instead of debating. Instead of happily accepting the hours when I would have been preparing as a gift of time that could be spent on homework or those dreaded applications, I spent far too long baking up some tasty treats to help motivate our novii. I came up with two delicious concoctions. (I'm probably going to write two separate posts about them simply because I don't have the time to write a giant post now, so get excited for db8 treat no. 2.)

My first thought when thinking of a debate snack was that it should be at least slightly healthy. While I am a huge fan of Ben's famous saltine concoctions, which combine the basic butter, sugar, chocolate, and salt combination, I wanted something with a little substance. I thought of making oatmeal cookies, but then decided on peanut butter cookies. While I know that peanut butter cookies aren't exactly health food material, a little added protein can make a difference in a long day at a tournament. Since peanut butter cookies aren't really my thing, I knew I'd have to Beaify them. Note: read Beaify as add chocolate.

I started with a recipe for peanut butter chocolate chip bars from my Wooden Spoon Dessert Book, a gift from my grandma a few years ago. Our oven is usually too hot, which usually doesn't make too much of a difference. I just turn it a little bit less than it says and take the cookies out sooner. Unfortunately, this time it actually made a difference. My dream of a soft and chewy peanut butter cookie was squashed by the stiff and crumbly reality. I knew they could be fixed though. I realized that I should just trying more Beafication. With a dip in chocolate, the problems of the universe disappear. 

While some food bloggers have fancy camera equipment and lights, what do I have to work with? This picture was taken with my head stuck in the refrigerator as the chocolate set. It turns out that fridge light is quite nice.

This is what happens when I dip cookies in chocolate at midnight. I ended up trailing my hair through the wet chocolate multiple times. Yum, chocolate dipped hair! 

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  1. Why was she baking at midnight? Well, when you have to photograph everything you cook, it takes a long time!