Sunday, October 31, 2010

From Armenia

I had the most amazing weekend. I left school after Physics and Economics on Thursday and landed in Boston before the rest of my school was out of class for the day. After getting off of the T at Porter Square, I turned around and saw my dad getting off the same train I had just been riding. You can't get better timing than being on the same train. That was the serendipitous start to a most excellent (and most gourmet) weekend. I don't know how to go about posting the food from this weekend other than in chronological order, so I'm going to start with the first meal I ate after arriving.

Diane is half Armenian, so with her came a whole new genre of food. She doesn't really cook Armenian food, but she loves visiting the Armenian grocery stores and bringing home delicious treats. For dinner on Thursday night, we dined on delicious Armenian treats that she had picked up that morning. We had lentil koftas and a delicious eggplant concoction with bell pepper and tomato and warmed spinach and feta pies and some lamejun. Lamejun are thin, round circles of bread topped with a mixture of meat and spices. These Armenian pizzas are as fun to eat as they are yummy.

Remember to check back in later for pictures of all sorts of fabulous food from this weekend! (imagine: homemade chocolate truffles flavored with orange, coffee, and tea)


  1. This looks extremely delicious. Too bad there is no Armenia-ville in Lafayette, IN.

  2. Hey, I can cook Armenian food. However, if I buy it in Watertown it is made with real butter and white flour and as you know, we don't do that sort of thing at home.