Saturday, October 23, 2010

Where The Men Are Hunky And The Chocolate's Chunky

As soon as Ake asked me to bring a dessert to Tap's goodbye party, I knew that it should contain chocolate, preferably in very large quantities. Cookies seemed too everyday and a cake seemed too over-the-top. I wanted an original chocolate concoction for which I wouldn't have to follow a recipe. I decided to make a man-cookie in the style of Men's Pocky and Yorkies.

I used a recipe from a cookie cookbook for a giant layered cookie. I added cocoa powder to the cookie dough to make it chocolatey, plus an entire Ghirardelli semi-sweet bar chopped up and most of a bag of white chocolate chips. I baked these triple-chocolate cookies one at a time in a big cake pan with a removable bottom since I didn't have the pan that was called for in the recipe. In place of the recipe's cream cheese icing in between the layers and on top I spread a thick chocolate icing for between the layers. I based it off of a recipe from the Joy of Cooking and I added both unsweetened and semisweet chocolate. On top, I drizzled melted white and semisweet chocolate chips for a simple finish. 

My concoction was definitely a cookie and not a cake. The icing and the cookies were both dense and fairly dry. To lighten it up, I would definitely use cream cheese frosting or even serve this with whipped cream or ice cream. I certainly didn't have a problem with it just as the way it was though. With five or six types of chocolate in it, it was the king of chocolate cookies: dense, rich, and impossibly chocolate. A true man-cookie.

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