Tuesday, November 2, 2010

China Fair

On Saturday, my dad and I left the house at about 10am. We walked through Porter Square to Harvard Square, then Central Square, then through MIT and over the bridge. We walked along Newbury Street for a while and wound our way through the streets until we ended up in Chinatown, which is right near his office. After walking for miles, I really needed some fuel. We ate a delicious lunch in a Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown called Pho Hoa (thank you, Daddy, for remembering the name) before heading to his office.

Passionfruit bubble tea and hot tea

Vermicelli noodles with egg rolls and pork

Rice plate with pork, Vietnamese omelet, and shredded pork skin

It was too warm for pho, so I chose the highly recommended vermicelli noodles. One of the best possible restaurant foods, these noodles are unlike many sticky, gooey or oily food choices because they don't leave you feeling like you should wash your insides out with steel wool. It's filling, but in a clean way; indulgent, but not disgusting.

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