Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Good Psychologist 201

Part two of the party for The Good Psychologist, this time in Newton. Friends and family gathered to munch and chat and listen to Noam talk about how his novel came to be and read a bit from one chapter. It was a great success, of course.

Tragically, I arrived too late to be of any help in the kitchen or otherwise. There was a lot of food from Trader Joe's and other sources: delicious dips, chips, pita, crackers, cheese of all sorts, spicy cashews (these have changed my life), dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds (amazing, but addictive), and almond butter cookies, and of course, lots of wine and cider to drink.

Dips included hummus, baba ganoush, muhamarra, tabouli, and guacamole. Muhamarra is my new favorite thing.

My aunt had baked brownies that were absolutely amazing. (Note: if you read this, would you like to send me the recipe? :D )

At least in my opinion, the stars of the evening were the plates of truffles that my sister made. Originating from Mark Bittman, the easy recipe creates divine truffles. We had made it once before, when we made a large batch of truffles for my grandpa. For this party, Zoe made truffles in three flavors: orange, coffee, and Duchess Grey tea (black tea with orange, lemon, and bergamot). The coffee was brilliant; dark and rich, it probably had as much caffeine as a cup of coffee in just one little truffle. Probably my favorite of the three was the tea. A blend of two of my favorite things, tea and coffee, the truffle started with a strong chocolate flavor and ended with a subtle touch of tea. 

 ** This may be my favorite picture that I have ever taken. PLEASE VIEW IT LARGE! Actually, this goes for most of my pictures. Clicking on them will let you see them larger.

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  1. A perfect meal: muhamarra, baba ganoush, guacamole and truffles.