Thursday, November 11, 2010

Snap and Crackle.

With my mom out of town this past weekend, I had to figure out my own meals, yet between work on Friday, a debate tournament all day Saturday, a concert on Sunday, and sleeping at my friend's house, I didn't end up cooking a single meal for myself. The one thing I did make was a dessert for the reception of our Wabash Valley concert.

I needed something quick because of my busy weekend. I knew that we had Rice Krispies at home, which is unusual, so I picked up some marshmallows at Payless. I wanted to try a recipe from Smitten Kitchen for salted brown butter rice crispy treats to do something a little different. In the end, I didn't feel that they were that different from normal rice crispies. They were definitely delicious, but I didn't think that the brown butter was particularily distinctive. My guess is that I didn't let it brown enough before turning off the burner, but I was very nervous of burning it accidentally. Either way, they were a big hit.

 Scraping up the last bits of melted chocolate


  1. Very beautiful, but still the most beautiful moment in baking is when you add the chocolate and butter mixture to the eggs and sugar mixture in Joy of Cooking brownies.