Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Saturday: Sofra

Saturday was my last day at my dad's house this weekend. My dad, Diane, and I spend our morning taking a long walk in an autumnal park. The quiet paths through the fiery-fingered trees reminded me of my long walks through Hort park with my dad when I was little. Nature walks always heighten appetite, so on our way to Newton we stopped at Sofra for lunch. The crowded interior is bursting with people, spices, baked goods, and all sorts of Middle Eastern fare. We ordered lunch at the counter (including hot tea, because it was clear that if we wanted to sit, it would have to be outside, and the day was too cool to sit without a finger-warming cup of tea) and waited at a table outside.

The mezze platter included our choice of five different appetizers along with bread. Starting with the far left is whipped feta with sweet and hot peppers, surprisingly spicy in a good way. Next over is was a dip made of pumpkin and various other vegetables. The center dish was brussel sprouts with pomegranate seeds; this one was definitely my favorite. The bright orange is a soft carrot salad that comes right before the smokey eggplant with pinenuts. The mezze platter was beautiful and colorful. 

We ordered the soup of the day: butternut squash and green apple with almonds. It was very thin and light and warming on the crisp day.

Moussaka with ground lamb and eggplant with halloumi cheese on top. My stomach appreciated the warmth of this filling dish. I loved the foamy texture of the melty halloumi. 


  1. Saturday was Sofra... Sunday you flew home from Eliza's... so you have more meals to account for...just saying...

  2. oooh you're right i got my days mixed up! i'm working on the book party pictures and those should be up before long