Friday, December 10, 2010


Sharing a pixie from our debate chocolate fundraiser. Pixies may be my new favorite Fanny May candy, next to Mint Meltaways, of course. The only part I don't like about them is the way that their bottoms are bare. The pecans and caramel are just hanging out for the world to see. How much more difficult would it be to close the underside with a little bit of chocolate?

For some reason, she objected to me melting the edges of the pixie in the Hannukah candles. I don't understand what could be wrong with a warm, melty chocolate turtle! Surely it's not sacrilege when the end result is so delicious.

Forgive the bad pictures and lack of posts. Today (or should I say yesterday?) was tough, as the last few days have been. This weekend will be worse. Give me a few weeks and everything will be sunshine and daffodils, I've just got to get there.

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  1. You will get through the tough days ahead, especially when aided by Fannie May. You are on the right track.