Thursday, December 2, 2010

Snickerdoodles Come Full Circle

There it is. The official first picture in my Summer 2010 Food folder in all of its unedited glory, fresh off of my mom's camera. Snickerdoodles that I baked with my sister were the first thing that I ate after school ended and I began my summer project. That day seems like yesterday, but somehow the better part of a year has slipped by me.

All that's happened between that picture and today rushed past my eyes when I brought out the same recipe this afternoon. I was making snickerdoodles for a bake sale to raise money for a trip that the seniors from Civic Youth Theater are taking to New York this coming summer. Snickerdoodles are my first thought for events like bake sales because they are quick to make and everyone loves them. Today's were delicious: big and soft, just how I like them.

Considering the vast amount of butter and sugar that goes into these cookies, relatively few cookies actually made their way out of the oven. Two possible hypothesis to explain that phenomenon: either each cookie was too big or Orr and I ate too much cookie dough.

Grace is begging you to buy cookies to support us! We'll be selling cookies before each performance of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

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