Saturday, January 29, 2011

9, 9.5, 9.5!

ISSMA Solo and Ensemble Contest was this morning, and I got to add three more gold medals to my little drawer of ISSMA golds (not that I'm bragging or anything, but I have over thirty of them).

This morning started bright and early with our large ensemble playing a Handel concerto grosso with Jonah, Gauri, and me on the concertino parts, followed by my Haydn solo (after a brief trip home to change and make sandwiches) and the Borodin quartet Christopher, Joon, and Roberta (after a picnic in the hallway with my mom).

It was very relieving and a little sad that I'm now officially done with the crowded halls of Harrison High School where the contest is held every year. After the State competition, I'll be done with ISSMA forever! But this year's contest was definitely a success. The judge gave our quartet a standing ovation and a perfect score! Even if Roberta and Joon still despise the piece, I now feel justified in convincing them to play it.

And distinct from the success of ISSMA, our hallway picnic was lovely. We had cherry tomatoes and sandwiches with chicken, avocado, sprouts, and my favorite mustard on potato rosemary bread. Eating real food off of red checkered cloth napkins certainly calms the nerves.

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  1. It felt very Francis and Albert to be eating such a lovely lunch while sitting on the floor in a random hallway of Harrison High School. Life is good!