Monday, January 31, 2011

How To: Make Truffles!

"Americans consume 100 pounds of chocolate every second. From birthday cake to Halloween treats, the American addiction to chocolate has made it a 16 billion dollar industry." A fairly decent introduction, no? That's from this afternoon, when I gave my second speech for my speech class: a demonstration speech on how to make chocolate truffles. 

I spent a few hours on Saturday making these truffles, meticulously documenting the steps for my powerpoint. Several times I had to call out for my mom's help as a third hand. You try pouring cream from the carton to the measuring cup while holding a camera and taking a picture. 

I was worried about making truffles that my classmates wouldn't like or appreciate, so I didn't flavor them with coffee, tea, orange, ginger, mint, cinnamon, or any of the other things I wanted to mix in. I was considering using milk chocolate, but following my usual logic, I decided that if they don't like dark chocolate, then clearly they should reevaluate their taste buds and align them with my preferences. 

I used semi-sweet for the ganache (fearing people's aversion to bittersweet), then coated them in chocolate and swirled white chocolate on top using a ziploc as a pastry bag. 

These truffles may have taken forever with photography at every step, but they were gorgeous! I love how the white paper makes them instantly professional. 

I wish I could conclude this post the same way that I concluded my speech: by passing out chocolates for everyone to try. But until Willy Wonka's television system functions on computers, you'll have to make these yourself. 

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  1. Gorgeous and delicious. Thinking up possible flavors is fun too.