Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jeni's Two

Takeshi brought us two new flavors of Jeni's this week! 

I had the chance to try Roxbury Road and Bananas & Honey. Roxbury Road is like Rocky Road, but more amazing. Here's Jeni's official description: "Dense, dark milk chocolate ice cream studded with handmade marshmallows and crunchy smoked almonds, with a homemade caramel sauce swirled throughout. A devilish detour from traditional Rocky Roads." The handmade marshmellows were amazing (but I wish there were more of them) and I love any ice cream with any smoky flavor, so the smoked almonds were wonderful. I was a little skeptical of Bananas & Honey, because I'm not a fan of fake banana flavor, but Jeni's never fails to turn things that should be gross into delicious treats. Instead of tasting like fake banana flavoring, this ice cream tasted like a banana tossed into the blender with a vanilla bean and a swirl of honey. It was simple and sweet and just right on top of a gingersnap.


  1. hooray! and I like both the photos a lot :)

  2. I KNEW there was a reason I hadn't taken down the Christmas lights yet!