Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Four

The last ones from Somerville before I switch to Newton...

Pizza from the Upper Crust in Harvard Square. The spinach squares below were excellent. Perfectly cheesy and greasy and soul-warming.

At our inn in Provincetown (this is a sneak preview of stories and pictures to come), we overheard a discussion about buches du noel. One was explaining the concept to the other, focusing on the shocking ingredients: "I saw them making it. You wouldn't believe what went into this cake. White flour and butter! And heavy cream. And eggs. And not just whites either. Whole eggs! With yolks and everything!!!!" 

So here is the buche that we made for Christmas. Whole eggs and all. 

Top secret information: I burned the first cake! This is cake number two. And boy, was it delicious.

Below, goat cheese and brownie ice cream and hot chocolate from Toscanini's. We had a nice long chat with Mr. Toscanini about ice cream (including his opinion on my favorite ice cream maker!) and other matters. I didn't like the goat cheese as much as the goat cheese ice cream from Jeni's, but that's because Jeni's is much more strongly flavored. I can understand that most people don't want their goat cheese ice cream to actually taste like biting into a frozen log of goat cheese, and for them, Toscanini's version is excellent. 


  1. I'm about a month late, but I'm really enjoying looking at all the delicious food we ate! and I miss that buche! I want some right now.