Monday, January 17, 2011

Winter Seven

The last of winter break! Finally. 

On our way to Provincetown, we stopped at the Hot Chocolate Sparrow in Orleans. The carrot cake there was completely amazing (I'm a huge fan of cream cheese frosting), but the frozen hot chocolate was hardly interesting. We also selected a box of chocolates to bring to my aunt.

Provincetown was beautiful, but cold. We went on lots of long, windy walks in beautiful places, like these amazing bike paths. Along the edges of the paths were cranberry bogs, which made my mother terribly excited. 

While in Provincetown, we went to The Mews where I had what was without a doubt the most amazing meal that I have ever had in my entire life. The Mews was filled with happy customers, friendly waiters, and delicious food. The best part was our waiter, who was the friendliest man I've ever met. He helped us make many ordering decisions and pretty much considered himself a part of our table. 

I'm going to present the dishes in order, first with the menu's description, then any personal thoughts. 

First, a beautiful, fruity martini with chunks of mango at the bottom. 

We tried very hard not to eat much bread.

Scallion Pancake with Smoked Duck Breast
Served with hot onion date relish & shaved Gruyère cheese.

Despite my mother's doubts about the duck, I definitely loved this appetizer, even if the smoked taste was a little much.

Prosciutto & Caramelized Onion filled Agnolotti
with fresh sage, extra virgin olive oil & shredded Parmesan.

These agnolotti were basically ravioli on steroids. I can't complain because they were amazing just like that, but the sage and parmesan were so flavorful, that the prosciutto and onion was essentially lost. These would have been just as delicious with cheese inside.

Grilled Palomilla Skirt Steak & Seared Scallops
South American "Chimichurri" marinated 10 oz. steak with seared local scallops, creamy bean ragu and red onion, parsley lime relish. Served with sweet potato fries.

I'm not sure that I've ever had scallops before, or if I have, they didn't make much of an impression. These were amazing, though. The sweet potato fries were to die for. I could have done without the beans, but the rest of this entree was perfection.

Medallions of Venison
with Madeira, Kahlua & fresh tarragon glaze over mashed potatoes with caraway seed & sauteed portobella

I had a little trouble ordering venison (you know, Bambi dancing across my vision and all that), but it turns out that venison is the single most delicious thing that I have ever eaten. I've never known meat so perfect before. I could eat nothing but venison and mashed potatoes until the day that I die.

Lobster Risotto with Roasted Butternut Squash
Chunks of butter poached lobster with wild mushrooms and English garden peas drizzled with scallion and truffle oils

I'd be lying if I said that I didn't have some doubts about the risotto before I ate it. I'm not a huge lobster person, plus the combination of ingredients seemed so strange. Lobster with butternut squash? And why put butternut squash in risotto? Want some carbs with your carbs? We ordered it anyways, because my aunt said we simply had to and because our other two entrees focused around red meat. Of course, she was completely right. I have never tasted a dish that came together as perfectly as this did. Every single element was just the right complement to every other part. Amazing. 

We probably shouldn't have ordered dessert because we were all too full to move, but we couldn't help getting a dessert that came with a page of instructions.

Extreme Chocolate Cookies and Cream
Mews made extreme dark chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips separated by coffee gelato served with a steak knife and eating instructions

I would have enjoyed this dessert infinitely more if I wasn't one bite away from vomiting due to the vast quantity of food I had just consumed, but still, it was really good. And the whipped cream was real! I'm a sucker for real whipped cream and chocolate.

All in all, this meal contained the best food I have ever eaten. In retrospect, I think that we could have skipped the appetizers, because as good as they were, the entrees were superior. When we left, I felt like Humpty Dumpty. But it was all worth it, of course.

Before long, we were back in Newton for a night before catching our flight back home. It felt good to be back, but the start to the new semester was far too stressful for my taste. It seems like things have calmed down, at least for a little bit. I'm done with college applications (phew), just working on financial aid forms and the like. I have a major orchestra concert coming up in February as well as the District and State debate meets, but after that, I can relax! Translation: expect more frequent blog posts, and hopefully no more posting food two weeks later. 

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  1. All of this food was fantastic, delicious, spectacular.... but the most thrilling were the wild cranberries. We could have picked enough for T-day in 5 minutes!