Sunday, January 16, 2011

Winter Six

On the 30th, my sister, mother, and I left for a few days on Martha's Vineyard and a few days in Provincetown. Martha's Vineyard was beautiful: snowy forests, crisply windy walks on the beach, and night skies with more stars than I have ever seen in my life.

The cabin was perfect. Okay, maybe having running water would have been handy, but we had a wonderful wood stove that kept us toasty warm all day and night. The stove also served as our only way to "cook" anything, because the top of it was perfect for heating up our food. Living off of pb&j, pecans, raisins, and baby carrots is okay for a while, but I'm a fan of hot food.

The first meal we ate when we arrived was Neil's awesome pizza that was left over from dinner the night before heated up on the stove.

For dinner, we went to my grandparent's house and helped/watched Gogo cook an amazing meal. I'm not sure I've ever seen her cook before, and I was impressed. We had roasted cauliflower with brown butter, garlic ginger brussels sprouts, and lamb with mint sauce.

The next day, we had a picnic on the rocks at Menemsha. There's nothing quite like eating with the ocean surrounding you. After sandwiches, we bought some clam chowder from the seafood store which we passed back and forth while dangling our legs over the pier. It was warm and delicious.

and I love this one despite (or because of) how blurry it is.

Later, we went back to Gabby and Gogo's to help Gogo prepare for her New Year's Eve party. She was preparing a feast, so we did a little bit of help with things like peeling the parsnips for the parsnip puree and putting salmon on toasts. We also got the chance to ooh and aah over the two lovely cakes. I only got to take a picture of one of them, so you'll have to imagine the ginger chocolate bundt cake.

For our New Year's eve, we stayed toasty warm at home. We heated up a pot of carrot ginger soup from Trader Joe's on a pot on the wood stove and dipped toasted naan into it, then heated up leftover lamb. Snacking on baby carrots while waiting for everything to heat up, I decided to cook them. I tossed a few carrots in the aluminum foil that the lamb was on, added a splash of champagne for moisture, pinched it closed, and let it sit on the stove. Wow. We ended up repeating this procedure multiple times, substituting water when there was no more champagne and adding prunes for flavor. Smoky, pruny, lamby, soft: these were without a doubt the best carrots I've ever had (perhaps with the exception of Tom Johnson's carrots at debate). And because I'm crazy and I put chocolate on everything, I had some naan with melted chocolate. The chocolate was 85%, which meant that the savory naan tasted sweet in comparison. My mom thought it was bizarre and gross, but I loved it.

Unfortunately, I took few good pictures of New Year's Eve because the stove was too dark to take pictures of without a tripod or flash, and the pictures with flash look too bright for my taste.


  1. All of these foods look absolutely scrumptious! The chocolate (despite its described bitterness) looks so thick and frothy and simply divine. I hope to make some of my own sometime! Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. This post has so many things in it. It is like a photo album with a porche and a tricycle and a river raft.