Monday, February 28, 2011

Bloody Lord Mayor's Dinner

A feast, for no particular reason. 

Steak and potatoes with mushrooms, sauteed with shallots, sherry, and lots of parsley. With sides of brussels sprouts and swiss chard.

Sunday's dinner was a giant feast, requiring more space on the stove than we have. Who knew cooking for two required so many pots and pans? It was worth it, though. 

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  1. OK, very few will get the reference to the "Bloody Lord Mayor's Dinner!" (pronounced "dinna!") My mother was a wonderful cook, but she often made a huge mess when she made a meal, using every possible pot, pan and utensil (pureed ginger carrots: cutting board and knife, peeler, grater, cuisinart, mixing bowl and rubber spatula, saute pan, serving dish...). At the end of a meal my step-father would look at the dishes all over the place and exclaim, "Good Lord! It looks like you cooked for the bloody Lord Mayor's dinna!"

    So that's what we say when there are more dishes than we expected...