Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chamber Music and Pizza

This afternoon, I participated in a chamber music concert of high school ensembles that was arranged by the Tippecanoe Chamber Music Society. I enjoyed listening to the other groups because we get so little exposure to music by our peers at other high schools. The two brass ensembles were especially enjoyable because I don't get many chances to hear good band music, and I'm afraid it's making me a bit of an orchestra snob. I think I just need to hear more wind and brass music to appreciate it more.

Afterwards, there was supposed to be a reception with pizza, but the pizza was running late (or the concert ended early). Many people had to leave before the pizza arrived, so for those of us who stayed, instead of handing out slices of pizza, they just handed out pizza boxes. Never turn down free pizza. My mom took one box that she, Noam, and I devoured when we got home, and I grabbed another box that I'm going to bring to Jenny's tonight for our Sgt. Pepper party. Get excited for pictures of that. I made something insanely sweet, sticky, pink, and plaid.

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  1. Something about the circumstances made this pizza delicious.