Wednesday, February 16, 2011

For My Single Ladies

I'm not a Valentine's Day hater, one of those Singles Awareness Day types. I don't believe that you need a significant other to celebrate what Valentine's day is truly about: love, chocolate, and the color pink. This year, I gathered my single, female friends to have a single girls party. This wasn't a singles mixer to meet new people or a lonely heart party to cry about our loneliness. We got together to celebrate our friendships with cute dresses, good music, and vast quantities of chocolate. When I started planning the party, one of my first thoughts was about what I could possibly make. I knew it had to be chocolate and I knew it should be pink. Here is what I came up with: fabulous pink chocolate Valentine's Day fudge!

After a girl in my speech class gave a speech about how to make fudge in the microwave, I knew I would be making fudge soon. 

Her recipe is shockingly easy. Melt 3 cups of chocolate chips with half a stick of butter and a can of sweetened condensed milk in the microwave, stir, and refrigerate. Nothing could be easier. 

I bought some raspberry extract and white chocolate to make some sort of topping. I was originally intending to make a thick white chocolate ganache... but that didn't really work out. In the end, it was fairly liquid, like icing or a thick glaze. 

Splattering red food coloring is fun. 

I used white and dark chocolate to make a cute plaid pattern on the top, then put them in mini-cupcake papers covered with white and red hearts. So cute!

In the end, I think that they looked far better than they tasted, to be honest. I didn't like the topping, although I loved the color. The fudge was definitely good, but I wouldn't call it great. It had mixed reviews: my friends liked it, my mom did not. But even if it wasn't perfect, I still think it was perfect for the occasion. 


  1. Hello,
    I've just found your blog!
    I'll be following you as it's a really enjoyable read!!
    they look very yummy indeed :)