Friday, February 18, 2011

The Morning Sun Is Shining

I apologize for the lack of posts lately. I've been a little crazy, but I think the worst is over and within a few days life will be calm as usual.

In eight hours, I'll be almost in Indianapolis at Congress districts, which will determine whether I (and Alex and Neha and others) go to Nationals this summer. It's unbelievable that this is my very last Saturday debate meet, my last early morning bus ride. No matter the result from tomorrow, I've had so much fun and learned so much over these past three years. I'll never forget the friends I've made.

I'll barely have time to get over debate before I'll have to wake up Sunday for even more stressful. I'm playing a solo with the Wabash Valley Youth Symphony in our second concert of the year. (If anyone in the area is reading this who I haven't yet pestered about attending the concert, come to my concert! It's going to be a great concert, plus it's free and there's a reception after. 7pm at the Long Center!) I'm equally nervous for messing up the memorization of my concerto and for tripping over my dress as I walk on stage. To make matters worse, my first finger has been the victim of a vicious crack. When it's not wrapped tightly in band-aids and tape to make playing cello possible, I'm keeping it smeared with bag balm and covered with a white glove, channeling my inner Michael Jackson. Hopefully, I'll be able to avoid wearing a band-aid on stage, because I don't think it'll really go with the rest of my outfit.

Okay, enough with the status update, and on to food. Tonight was the second day in a row of Basil Thai take out, because my mom is sick and there's nothing like tom yum for sick people. The hot and spicy broth clears away anything that ails you. Yesterday, I had chicken satay, and today was yum woon sen. Yum. (No pun intended.)

I need to work either on my left-handed camera skills or my left-handed chopstick skills. 

I love getting the tom yum noodle soup as take out. The soup is perfectly compartmentalized with the soup and meat together in a separate container, the bean sprouts hidden beneath the garlic-topped noodles, and the cilantro and peanut garnishes each in a distinct spot. It's so simple and tidy.

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  1. Truly lovely crispy/chewy garlic. The soup was a miracle in a tub.