Wednesday, February 9, 2011

R.I.P. Real Food

Ah, how I miss you, toast. The last food I ate before the doctor decided to dig around in my gums for fun.

After the State debate tournament this weekend, I was pretty wiped out, so please excuse my absence. Yesterday, I thought that I was ready to come back and cook or bake something new, but then I remembered about my oral surgery appointment today... so no real food for me. All I've eaten today (after breakfast) is mashed banana and a smoothie. My very excellent mother made me applesauce and soup though, so I'm looking forward to another day of soft foods and ice packs. 

I have the weirdest teeth in the world. Good thing there's a delicious strawberry peach smoothie there to make this picture more attractive.


  1. so sorry about your mouth...thinking of all the ice cream you will have to eat!

  2. umm teeth gross. SEE YOU SOON!!