Friday, March 18, 2011

Airplanes and Spring Break

If I had an entire day that I could spend doing anything in the world, I think I'd spent it sitting on a plane. I like nothing better than a long flight by myself. I love the chance to spend time alone, reading a novel, doing sudoku, browsing SkyMall, but airports are also the best place for people watching. Staring from above the pages of my open book, I study the people of the airport and they study me in return, each of us anonymous in the privacy of a crowd. 

Those people afraid of flying need to set aside their fears; after all, aren't cars more dangerous than airplanes? And what could be better than a few hours with absolutely no responsibility? No one can talk to you when you are alone on a plane. There is no cell phone or email to check. You can't do homework. No one can encroach on your personal space. You're left in this perfect little space by yourself. Thinking or mindlessly filling in numbers in sudoku, either way is just right for me.

And then, just when I think that I couldn't be any happier, someone brings me a snack. Ah, life is good to me. I'm not a fan of pretzels, but if you're flying Delta, you can get biscuits WHERE EVERY SINGLE INGREDIENT IS RECOGNIZABLE AND EXPECTED IN A COOKIE. There is nothing quite like Delta biscuits with a styrofoam cup of tea on a morning flight. And if you're flying Frontier, you get something even better than cookies with recognizable ingredients: cookies with no ingredients listed at all! Frontier serves chocolate chip cookies straight from a tray on a napkin with no plastic wrapper in sight! They are warm and soft with melting chocolate chips, as if they were fresh out of the oven. With this gooey Frontier cookie below, you see a drink that surpasses even hot tea, tomato juice, and ginger ale for the title of my favorite plane beverage. It's half cranberry juice (or crabapple) and half soda water. The soda water cuts the cloying sweetness of the juice and makes it festive by adding bubbles. Isn't it cute, all pink and bubbly with the red drink stirrer? That picture is bliss. 

If you haven't gathered by the fact that I've been absent for a week and I just blabbered for three paragraphs about airplanes, I'm not at home at the moment. I left last Thursday for spring break, landing in Las Vegas at around the same time my friends were going to bed, ready to go to school on Friday. After meeting my family in Vegas, we headed to Deep Springs College for the weekend. As always, Deep Springs valley, which is in the desert of California right on the border of Nevada, is breathtaking. The sage-scented earth would stretch forever if the brown velvet mountains didn't cut into the edge of the deep sky. After a peaceful weekend of food and hikes, we left for Boston, where I'll be until Sunday. Get ready for some great pictures of the past week when I get home and have my computer with me, featuring homemade croissants, gluten-free chocolate cupcakes with mint whipped cream, and more.

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