Sunday, March 6, 2011


Cookie dough is the food of the gods. Especially this cookie dough. I wanted to make cookies for a pot luck lunch we had as we watched Macbeth yesterday, but I didn't have much time earlier in the week. I decided to split the process up, making dough, then leaving it in the fridge for a few days. 

I made these cookies, but with chocolate chips instead of white chocolate, just because they were on my mind. This time, I didn't like them as much though. I think I left them in the oven for a minute too long, resulting in crunchy cookies. And I despise crunchy cookies. They were easy and they're good with a glass of milk, but I just wish I had taken them out of the oven sooner!

I was so frustrated with the crunchiness that I woke up early yesterday to make something else. I ended up with another crunchy concoction, but this time it was on purpose. I found a recipe entitled "Praline Squares" in one of my dessert books that reminded me of my favorite sweet treat: Ben's saltine crackers. But instead of saltines, this recipe involved graham crackers, and in place of the chocolate, there was caramelly pecans. Yum! These crunchy, buttery cookies smell amazing. Opening the tin, the buttered caramel scent instantly spreads thickly through the room. 

The food at our banqu(o)et was superb, from vegetarian lasagna to pulled pork. I was addicted to these little fellows here, brought by some anonymous actor. 

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  1. oh man this all looks so delicious. I want cookies.