Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Deep Springs Brunch Continued

Besides the croissants, the menu for Sunday brunch at Deep Springs included scrambled eggs, dutch babies with cinnamon apples and glazed bacon. Dutch babies are sort of like a giant eggy pancake served with powdered sugar and lemon juice.  

You know it's going to be good when the first step is a pan filled with butter and brown sugar. This is getting ready for the chopped apples. 

Somehow, Deep Springs turns me into a bacon person [I'm a sausage person, when it comes to pizza (pepperoni looks at me funny) and sides at IHOP.] (and yes, I just used brackets and parentheses).

"Ta da!" says Matt. 

 The buffet all ready to go.

Have you ever scrambled 50 eggs at once? It's great fun. 

My final plate, and how delicious a plate it was.

(And. This is my 150th post! Yay for me!)

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