Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The End of Spring Break

Before I'm accused of being ten days late on spring break posts, I'm going to quickly put up two pictures from my last night in Boston. My dad, Diane, Zoe, and I went to a tiny little restaurant with North African food. Baraka Cafe was so small and mysterious that it seemed like once you step in, the outside world disappears. The crowded room is very dimly lit, which is nice for mood perhaps, but very bad for pictures. These two were taken by the light of my dad's phone, so don't judge!  Despite the lighting, the food was delicious. I'm not sure that I could name any of it, but I especially liked Melfouf la Kasbah, which had skewers of different types of meat over pommes frites,  and the Melkha, which was a flavorful eggplant dish. I loved Baraka Cafe's unique personality, and I definitely want to go back. Oh and if you go there, don't leave without drinking a pitcher of their famous lemonade: a thick, sweet lemonade, almost opaque, with rose petals and mint leaves floating on top. 

And as for a personal update, I'm paralyzed in the waitingforcollegedecisions process. I've heard from seven schools and I'm waiting for six more letters in the next few days. I know everything will work out fine and dandy in the end, but waiting is almost as bad as the applications themselves. Wish me luck!

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