Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fads and Froyo

In my town, trends either arrive a year or two after they appear on the coasts or simply don't appear at all. We were infiltrated one by one by gauchos, crocs, sillybandz, then Tom's, yet not a single cake pop ever entered the scene. I shamelessly blame Lalaland's slow uptake of fads for any ignorance I have of pop culture. Thus, I am not embarrassed to say that two weeks ago, I had never been to one of those cute self-serve frozen yogurt places where you choose your flavor or flavors of yogurt, add your own toppings, and weigh the final bowl to determine the price. We have only one frozen yogurt store here and I've only been once since it opened almost a year ago. Luckily, my ignorance was cured, as in the past ten days, I've been to two of them: one in a mall in Las Vegas and one in Coolidge Corner in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Here's my concoction: mango and green tea yogurts with mochi, mango, lychee, and kiwi. Very color coordinated and very yummy. 

My thoughts on self-serve frozen yogurt places aren't entirely positive though. I love that customers get control over the infinite yogurt possibilities and I like yogurt when in fruity flavors with sweet tart fruit on top, but I'm just not positive why anyone would eat frozen yogurt in place of ice cream. Did I enjoy this mango and green tea yogurt? Yes. Would I choose it over the cone of J.P.Licks rum raisin ice cream I had on Friday or the bowl of Jeni's violet and meringue ice cream I had when I got home from the airport this evening? Never. 

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  1. I think you mean a cup cake place? Looking forward to the rest of your spring break posts.