Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jenny!

Since I baked 50 cupcakes with Jenny yesterday, I knew I couldn't bake her anything for her 18th. Instead, this morning as I stood in the kitchen eating oatmeal and packing my lunch, I made her a sandwich.

Is that a strange birthday gift? Probably. Jenny always used to have bites of my sandwiches at lunch, until she became vegetarian and my chicken sandwiches were off limits, so I thought that by now, I owe her at least one complete sandwich. Plus, due to morning time constraints, she's taken to bringing a box of cereal to school for lunch, so I knew any real food would go over well. Here's my vegetarian birthday sandwich.

Like all sandwiches that I make, it started with mayo and whole grain mustard. Next came green apple slices for crunch. 

To complete the green theme, avocado slices for ooze and lettuce for substance. (If it were just for me, I'd add a few slices of chicken at this point, by the way.) 

Happy birthday, Jenny! You are an amazing Lady Macbeth and an amazing speech buddy and an amazing friend. I'm going to miss you next year.

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