Monday, March 28, 2011

Noodles, Pizza, and Fries

How cool are these? Knotted noodles from a restaurant in Chinatown.

Every time we walk into Davis Square, I ache to step into the Rosebud Diner. I love diners, and this one is especially adorable. On St. Patrick's Day I finally got a chance to try their food and it was just as I imagined it: kitschy and irresistible in its holiday spirit. I had a burger with mushrooms, which was really good. Here's Zoe's extremely attractive BLT.

The other "every time I walk by I wonder why I haven't been here yet" eatery: Zing Pizza. I'm usually a thick crust person, but this stuff is good. And as I was in the middle of reading Dracula, I had to get a slice of the "Dracula's Dilemma" pizza with lots of fresh garlic and cherry tomatoes. 

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  1. ahh I want to go to the Rosebud Diner with you!