Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Will's Croissants

On weekends at Deep Springs, the students take turns cooking. Will and Matt were making Sunday brunch, and having nothing else to do besides read and walk (homework being far too boring an option), I decided to help them. Saturday night, I "helped" Will make croissants. Basically, I stood around snapping pictures and gawking at the copious amounts of butter, but since I've never really worked with yeast dough before, I appreciated the opportunity to see croissants in action. Will expertly prepared six times the normal recipe of dough, ready to turn out trays of plain, chocolate, and almond croissants on Sunday morning.

I love kitchen chaos. 

Look at all that butter. Yum. 

Brushed with egg and ready for the oven.

Squint at this picture for your only glimpse of the chocolate and almond croissants. For some reason, I didn't take any pictures of those at all. The almond ones were filled with almond paste and topped with sliced almonds. I didn't expect much from them, but these were tremendous. And the chocolate croissants were perfect, I don't need to say more. 

The gleeful baker himself.


Flaky and beautiful. And the best part is that I have the recipe, so whenever I feel up to the challenge, I'm going to make these myself! Just you watch me. 


  1. I can't wait until you do. Those were amazing. I have almond paste and sliced almonds for when you are inspired.

    What was the secret glaze on the bacon? If possible, they made bacon even more caloric some how but yummy.

    Great photos of a great time.

  2. honey mustard and was amazing.
    bea you are a cutie cupcake. i can't wait for you to come make me food at princeton :)