Saturday, April 2, 2011

Life Gave Me Blood Oranges

In printed works from textbooks to novels, the lack of a control-f function frustrates me. Right or wrong, as a part of this new generation of teenagers, I am used to finding what I want right when I want it.  While reading cookbooks is my favorite pastime, when I actually have a recipe in mind or an ingredient that I want to use, I inevitable turn to google chrome instead of the bookshelf. When a cursory glance at epicurious doesn't give me answers, I've found myself turning to my favorite blog

And so I turned to Deb with excess of blood oranges in the fridge, and she gave me the answer: a flaky blood orange tart complete with caramel sauce. 

The recipe was a little odd. I anticipated making the pastry in advance, then taking it out of the fridge to roll it and form the tart, but I never would have thought that after completing the tart, you stick the entire thing in the freezer and then bake it frozen solid. Baking the frozen frisbee of dough and purple oranges felt like I must be misreading the directions, but the tart came out beautifully. 

And for your sake, I won't say anything about the caramel sauce. Because if I did tell you how amazing it was, you would immediately rush to your kitchen and make it yourself, and then you would be forced to gorge yourself on ice cream, cookies, cakes, almonds, apples, pears, and bananas, all drizzled with caramel. And when you finish all of those, you would have to grab spoons (or fingers) to finish off the caramel. At this point, you would probably be dead of sugar overdose, and I wouldn't want to subject you to that horrible fate. So I won't say a word about the sauce.

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