Thursday, April 7, 2011

Muffins by Madeleine

The definition of good friends: they not only drive three hours to see you, but they also bring pumpkin chocolate chip muffins!

Our debate friends from Penn came to visit us on Wednesday on their spring break. It was fun for Alex, Shriya, Neha, and I to play hosts and show the wonders of West Lala to our visitors. Our day was perfect, though it was a bit odd to see them in street clothes. I had heard multiple times of Madeleine's baking magic, but I never had the chance to try anything. When I heard that she was bringing muffins, I got very excited. And they were just as delicious as advertised. Now I just need to steal the recipe and I'll be one very happy lady.

(I feel like I need an explanation for the creepy state of my fingernails: I'm a witch in the Scottish play. My cuticles aren't actually dripping blood so near my muffin, it's just paint.)

And this is because Sean enjoyed being a muffin model too much. 

Thank you so much Sean, Florence, and Madeleine for coming all the way here! It was wonderful to see you, and we need to all hang out again before summer. PennLaf <3

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  1. Hello,
    what good friends you have!
    the tashes are made from chocolate flavoured regalice. it was hot on the day that i visited my mates and they tashes not my friends! and yes i did say it was hot in the doesn't happen often :)