Monday, June 13, 2011

Flying solo.

I should be on a plane right now. I should be halfway from IND to DFW.

At least I have my futo maki to comfort me.

At 6:12am, I woke sharply from a blissfully deep sleep to my obnoxious cell phone alarm. I hurried to shower, get dressed, and pack my final things for my week in Dallas for nationals. I finished the end of a loaf of bread with some thickly sliced French toast. The house urged me to stay with its scents of vanilla, cinnamon, and maple syrup, but I rushed through the dishes. As I tidied the kitchen, I grabbed my phone from the counter, where it was tethered to the wall with its charger. I noticed a voice mail. The missed call was from my debate coach. Uh oh. His voice was tired and disappointed on the message. Our flight had been cancelled and we were now leaving almost six hours later. West Lafayette's eight qualifying debaters spent the day in our eight respective houses, just sitting around waiting for the time to pass. Whatever preparation that would be done was done, and now we just wanted to leave already.

I had finished the last of the food in the house, so I ordered Maru sushi. Sushi for one at the dining table at home is my ideal lunch.

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