Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's a helluva town.

And it's going to be my town. On my vacation to NYC this past week, it was so hard to believe that I'm going to call Manhattan home. 
Out to dinner with my aunt Ruthie. The outside is a crispy taro shell that held shrimp, chicken, and vegetables.

Jenny's canoli in little Italy. 
 Grace's milkshake at Big Daddy's.
 Mel's hot dogs and tater tots at Big Daddy's.
 Look! A vegetable! My turkey burger was delicious.
 Soft serve at Coney Island.
 Pizza at Pizza Plus before Anything Goes.
 Mmm feta and sausage.
A float from Five Napkin Burger that they called the Dark and Stormy. This definitely wins the prize for must make at home. It was just rum raisin ice cream and ginger beer, but it turns my favorite classic root beer float into something creative and original.

Oh, and I'm going away for a week to Texas for Nationals in debate, but after that, I should be back around here, hopefully posting frequently.

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