Monday, July 18, 2011

Unexpected Consequences

When making decisions, I know it's important to evaluate the complete procedure to avoid unintended outcomes. Unfortunately, that process rarely happens when I'm baking, since I'm baking on a whim without thorough consideration of possible consequences.

Thus, not once did it cross my mind that making three key lime pies with four egg yolks a pie would mean I would have twelve whites floating around the refrigerator. What do I do with twelve egg whites in the fridge?
Someone new to this blog might think "make an egg white omelet!" or something annoyingly healthy like that, but to anyone that knows me, the answer is obvious: add vast quantities of sugar and bake. AKA make meringues.

Note: in my new actuallypostingtherecipe frenzy, I was planning on including the recipe for meringues that I used from a giant children's baking book someone gave Zoe and me when we were little. Regrettably, that book is currently in a heavily taped up cardboard box of cookbooks. If you want to make meringues, you'll have to google your own recipe. Sorry!


  1. Everything on your blog looks so yummy! Did you use a copper bowl to whip up the eggs here, or were you able to get stiff peaks using something else?

  2. Nope, I don't have a copper bowl! I usually use a plain stainless steel bowl or a ceramic bowl, and it always works for me! and thank you!