Friday, August 12, 2011



Above, see photographic proof of my obsession with sugar. At Sweet in Harvard Square with Neha yesterday, I devoured a mini cappucino cupcake sprinkled with cinnamon, then followed with a shot of cream cheese frosting. 

But these things have consequences. Less than 24 hours after my frosting shot euphoria, I was squirming in the dentist's chair as he squirted novocaine into my cheek. It was only one filling and it was over soon enough, but being numb is no fun. My dentist told me that I was allowed to eat, but I should be careful of accidentally biting my numb tongue. I ate some vegetables and discovered that between my teeth, a mushroom and a tongue feel pretty much the same. Which one was I chewing? I gave up on solid food and turned to my favorite mushy snack.

I like yogurt, but only if I add flavor and sweetener myself. Fruit-on-the-bottom just doesn't taste right to me. I stir together nonfat yogurt or Greek yogurt and brown sugar, maple syrup, or honey until the yogurt is smooth and shiny, then I add fruit. Today, I mixed the yogurt with cinnamon sugar, making a sweet cinnamon cream to accompany applesauce. 

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