Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Christmas Spirit

I know Thanksgiving is the holiday officially dedicated to being thankful, but it seems to me that Christmas is a better occasion for giving thanks. Over the past few days while studying for my finals, I've been able to reflect on my very first collegiate semester. I've discovered what I need to change and what I love as is. For an example of what I adore, see the picture up top. My plants on the windowsill, my Christmas lights sparkling on the red tinsel, my New Yorker covers with the NYC address label on them... How cute is my room? 

And even cuter are the friends I've made. I'm never going to forget how happy last night was, just sitting on the floor of my room with my three closest friends. Thank you Asia, Aria, and Anna, for helping me create new Christmas traditions in my new home.

These absurdly gorgeous roquefort tarts with arugula, grapes, and pomegranate were made by Matt for a Christmas get together with the e-board of Culinary Society. Matt has impeccable taste. And someone else brought a coconut flan to die for. Too bad the recipe is a secret.

(And Mama, if you're reading this, I promise that I study too, not just eat and sit on my floor. Although I do an awful lot of sitting on my floor eating with friends.)

I'm going to miss this scene over the next month. My school is beautiful. 

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  1. I am reading this, just like you are reading my mind! Have fun and eat delicious tarts. See you soon.