Thursday, January 12, 2012

Back to Indiana

You know that dream state where you feel completely at home in a place that just couldn't be true? You know you must be asleep, but your environment feels so natural. Perhaps it was the 50 degree weather and sunny blue sky in January, but something about my trip to Indiana felt like a dream. And it makes me want to sing!

I spent three days visiting my high school, travelling on the debate bus to Ben Davis, and drinking tea with friends. One night, I ate dinner at Thai Essence, and it felt so right to be there in the kitchen garnishing plates of Pad See Ew just like the old days. I'm so glad that I got to visit Indiana. I filled my craving for memories and I'm ready to go back to work.

This birthday cake was made by Lisa for a lovely party with all of my mom's friends that Lisa and Bill hosted. It was so great to see many of the people who have been there for me and my family as I've grown up.

And at the end sits a memory of a cotton candy summer night. It was one of my last evenings in Indiana when I watched the sun set over the Wabash from the pedestrian bridge. Lovely.

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