Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jeni's! (in Real Life)

If you've been reading bEATS for very long, you probably have heard of how obsessed I am with Jeni's ice cream. Based in Columbus, Ohio, it's owned by a wonderful lady (named Jeni), and it's basically the most fabulous thing ever. I've been eating Jeni's pints for ages at home, plus I have the cookbook to make my own, but I had actually never been to a real live Jeni's store. Luckily, that changed yesterday when I found myself choosing flavors in person! I was so overwhelmed with brilliant ice cream flavors that I couldn't make up my mind what flavor to order, so my mom decided for me: goat cheese with cognac fig sauce (one of my absolute favorites) and whisky with pecans. Both were great, but I definitely preferred the goat cheese. It has an amazing creamy texture with so much flavor. By contrast, the whisky was too delicate. But still, it was amazing and I was so happy to finally eat Jeni's at a real live store! I can't wait to go back. 

The last few bites of the terrine Noam ordered with coffee, lime, and chocolate ice creams. It looked delicious!

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