Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sandwiches on the Way Home

Five months ago, I left my home state. The state where I was born; the state where I graduated from high school. It's only been five months, but if feels like decades since I walked down my street barefoot in the sunshine. I can't wait to be back. I'm not going to see that many people, but all I want is to walk the streets and breath Indiana air. I'll be there in 14 hours and my stomach is doing that flippy thing already. 

We had a giant fridge clearing dinner tonight in preparation for our trip. With a great quantity of leftover roast chicken I made a yummy chicken salad. For dinner, we stuck it in apples as mini edible bowls. The rest will be packed as sandwiches for our drive back to Indiana tomorrow. I can't wait I can't wait I can't wait. 

Chicken Salad

celery, diced
cooked chicken, diced
celery salt
salt, pepper

Cut a slice off of the top of each apple about 1 cm below the stem like a lid. Use a melon baller to hollow out the core of the apple within 1/2 cm of the peel. Set aside the apple bowl and lid. Dice the apple flesh. Mix it with diced celery, diced chicken, a few spoonfuls of mayo, several good shakes of celery salt. Season with salt and pepper. Serve inside the apple bowls, on crackers, or in sandwiches.

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  1. Dear Bea,

    The part about walking down the streets of home made me cry. So glad I got to see you. Happy New Year.

    Love, Kitti