Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Everybody's Gonna Love Today

I love Valentine's Day, but I don't love "Love," at least not in the rom com sense of the word. For most of the population, Valentine's Day is not about romantic love. (That's like suggesting that Christmas is about a little baby boy birthed in Bethlehem.) Valentine's Day is about making cards with glue sticks and lace doilies, wearing every pink item of clothing in the closet, and getting chocolates in the mail.

And who can say no to cheesy pick up lines? Here are my two favorite xkcd Valentine's, plus a whole page of econ ones. Aria, Asia, and I made some cute cards for our neighbors on the hall. The ones below say, "Ain't no mountain high enough ... to keep me from getting to you!" and "If I could rearrange the alphabet, ... I would put u and i together."

If you didn't notice the hipsterness of the pictures above... look now. How adorable is my new lens? It was my Valentine's Day present to myself.

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  1. Beatrice! Please post a new food update! I miss reading these at the end of a hectic filled college day.