Thursday, May 31, 2012


Want a dessert that pleases absolutely everyone? Something vegan and gluten-free, low in fat, with absolutely no refined sugar... and something that takes two minutes to make? Let me introduce you to banana whip.

Start with frozen bananas - at least one half to a whole banana per serving. You can freeze your bananas sliced or whole, but make sure they're peeled first. They'll keep in a ziplock in the freezer forever.  When you're ready, slice up the frozen banana and pop into a blender, food processor, or just a big bowl if you want to use a hand held mixer. Blend up the banana. At first it'll just look thick and choppy, but after a few minutes, the frozen banana will whip up into a creamy foam. When it's thick and pale, you're ready!

Just like that, your bananas get this crazy soft serve ice cream texture, just a little more gooey. Banana whip is delicious plain, but the list of delicious toppings is infinite. Try a dash of cinnamon, a pile of chopped almonds, lots of fresh fruit, a spoonful of peanut butter butter, a splash of chocolate sauce, a scoop of yogurt, a sprinkle of granola... the possibilities are endless. Oh and rumor has it, if you put the mixture back into the freezer whipped, it'll take on the texture of scoopable ice cream. Of course, that implies there's any left to put back in the freezer.

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