Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Heat

I have eaten so many beautiful things this summer, both meals out at new restaurants and meals I have cooked for myself. In chronological order, here are a few dishes I intended to post as recipes, but never got around to posting:

This asparagus slaw was inspired by the one served (until the menu changed a week or two ago) at Red House under pan-seared scallops. I blanched the asparagus, then cut them on the mandoline. The dressing was lots of lemon zest and juice, whole grain mustard, dijon, and a bit of olive oil. The asparagus was a pain in the butt, but so delicious. 

Mmm frozen chunks of watermelon with lime and mint... I caught Zoe in the middle of making drinks. Frozen watermelon is the perfect ice cube.

Joy's crispy coconut kale is a delight. Much more complex in flavoring than my basic kale dishes, it's a fun way to enjoy the best veggie ever. 

These pretty peas were getting ready to be blended with that mess of fresh parsley and basil you see. I chopped the herbs with some oil until they made pesto, then smashed the peas in. The resulting smash was an earthy garnish for a very simple roasted beet soup. I just pureed roasted beets with some broth and water for the freshest dose of magenta beets. 

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